20 August 2012

Dubai Is Going Green

Dubai is one of the emirates in the UAE. For someone who has not been in this place, the common picture they will imagine is a city in the middle of the desert. It is actually that - a city in the middle of the desert but a green city.

The streets of Dubai are lined up beautiful small bushes and flowering plants while major thoroughfares are teeming with palm and date trees. The roundabouts are adorned with green plants and major bridges and overhead passes have small pockets of well-tended landscaped gardens. All these plants are watered round-the-clock and are installed with timers to allow sprinkles to work on cue and water to pass on resistoflex teflon hose.

Cosmopolitan Dubai has also placed across the city various recycling receptacles which are visible to everyone so proper disposal of recyclable items is encouraged. A lot of malls also have big bins for electronic devices and batteries for proper disposal.

Companies have followed suit by putting their own distinguished bins all over their offices. Our company supports the government's drive to keep Dubai green. Each station in our office has cardboard boxes used for paper disposal and it is collected regularly by a uniformed personnel who takes them to the recycling plant.

Kids in school are being educated on the benefits of recycling, reusing and reducing wastage. Activities such as beach cleaning is a regular event in schools and other companies during the colder months to help clean the environment and promote a greener lifestyle.

I believe Dubai will achieve the green drive as long as the people are educated about the importance of going green.

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