14 August 2012

I Don't Like Cooking

It is a public knowledge that I am not fond of cooking or anything in the kitchen. I just don't have the passion to engage in cooking. I realized this early in life when my mother used to cook savory dishes for us and my siblings would gather in the kitchen to watch her cook. I would stay in my room  and read books instead. The kitchen and cooking didn't appeal me.

As I got older, I thought my perception and feelings about cooking would change when we had Home Economics subject in high school. My classmates would get so excited and I would shrug my shoulders and roll my eyes. I remembered the "siopao" (steamed buns with filling) I made. It didn't even rise even after I steamed it. It looked like one gooey, over-sized dumpling! I dread every minute I had in Home Ec!!!

I met my boyfriend (who is now my husband) and thought it was time to cut the slack and start "impressing" the future in-laws. I managed to cook some dishes for my in-laws then with the help of a cook book but it fizzled so fast. I must have cook 2 dishes during the whole time my hubby and I were dating. I couldn't force myself to like cooking. I don't know why.

Then the time came where we got married. I remember telling my in-laws to "accept me for who I am" because I will never learn how to cook. I guess they didn't have a choice because I set those words in stone.

Fast forward now, I am happy (not so proud but not ashamed) to proclaim that I still don't like cooking. Don't get me wrong. I am not starting a new feminist movement here but I believe that to like something, you have to have a passion for it. I did try but it always ended catastrophic! I almost burned the whole kitchen when I was just trying to cook a scrambled egg. I have done a lot of bloopers in my life in the kitchen. So for the love of life, don't leave me in the kitchen because everything will be chaotic!

I tried to cook for sometime for my family but it just doesn't seem sincere providing cooked meals for them when I know in my heart I am forced to do it because of an obligation. I make up for this by doing the other heavy household chores like washing the dishes, cleaning the house, caring after them and our pet Millie, doing the laundry and pressing the clothes. I fulfill my wife and motherly duties by doing other things at home. So, it is still fair because what I do is more strenuous than cooking.

There are moment when I take a lot of guts to conquer my dislike of cooking by researching on easy-to-cook recipes in the net. I managed to pull off some "edible" meals but the bursts of will-power to cook comes far in between.

You must be wondering who does the cooking at home. Well, who else - my darling husband. Mind you, he is an excellent cook.  Good thing though, my daughter picked her dad's cooking skill. I think we'll stick to the status quo.


  1. hi!

    I used to have the same aversion for cooking just like you and I got married not even knowing how to make scrambled eggs(lol). everything changed though when I became a SAHW (12 years ago)and had all the time in my hands ( I was kind of ashamed that husband comes home without a home cooked meal haha). messes, burns on my fingers and arms, catastrophes and all, I developed my love for cooking and the kitchen and I learned how to cook, and bake.

    I don't blame you for not liking cooking because it is really a laborious job. keep doing what you love and for as long as the set-up works, who cares?

    have a great day!

  2. Hi Juliana. Thanks for the comment. I will wait for the time when I will start to like "cooking." :) Meanwhile, since no one is complaining, I'll leave it at that ;)



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