16 August 2012

Prospective Money-Making Business

I will attend a seminar/symposium tomorrow in Deira to listen to key speakers on a prospective money-making business most Filipinos can engage in while having a full-time work or something to do on their spare time.

I don't have the complete information yet. My friend has briefed me about the products this new business can offer which I think will be a good source of income to augment our savings.

The speakers are from Abu Dhabi and are all Filipinos. They put up this marketing scheme to allow OFWs like myself to enjoy a comfortable life by engaging in the business and reap the rewards later on.

I have my questions ready for clarification. I hope the speakers have prepared well and their materials are introduced properly and made using dashboard scorecard which is a good tool to use to show performance and other relevant data pertaining to the business.

I prayed for this to come. I can sense beautiful rewards but I just want to make sure that what I will do will be something that will run for a long period of time. There is an initial capital so it is not a joke to release an amount of money when the budget is tight. However, this is a calculated risk on my part and I believe that I will reap the reward after this so I can pass the blessings around.

It is very timely that I read this quote from a twitter member (@ProductivePinoy) a while ago. I think, this must be a good sign and I shall head.

"Sometimes a calculated risk is less dangerous than what appears to be a sure thing. Resist to play it safe. Go for the big win!"

And that's what I am going to do...

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