21 August 2012

Re-connecting With Old Friends

Who said Facebook is bad? Well, not me! I can be biased too you know. I just appreciate Facebook more now that I have lessened my gaming time and focus on socializing and connecting with family and friends. And very recently, I got to reconnect to close friends I have lost contact with when I left the Philippines.

I am very glad that this social network site is running and able to connect people all over. I know others still don't like Facebook. It depends on how you use it and how you set your privacy settings. I have set mine closed for friends only so other people cannot view my profile just like that. You can be secured in Facebook too as long as you check your privacy settings regularly.

I do not glorify Facebook though. I am just glad that it can act as a channel to bridge the gap of long-lost pals and family members. It is also a great avenue to use when you need to communicate to them in one go, aside from the email of course.

I am so happy my close friends found me here again. It is so nice to relive the happy times and go forward knowing that this time, they are there to move with me. Happiness!

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