02 August 2012

The Last Project

I have mentioned in my previous post about my lack of creative mojo these days. I had it few months ago before it went into hibernation without prior notice. I am quite worried because I don't know when I'll have it back or if it will come back. That's the biggest worry I have about this dilemma.

I am glad I already finished the special scrapbook page I made for my friend's 50th birthday last April. Imagine if I had lost it then; it would really break my heart because I had set my mind (and heart) to create the page for her as a special birthday memento. I am so happy I finished it in the nick of time.

Here are the pictures of the last project I made. I do pray and hope it's not the last because I seriously miss making handmade cards for my family and friends. I still have tons of patterned papers and other craft supplies in my cabinet and I don't want to spoil them.

Please, please creative mojo, come back! I miss you!!! I will welcome you with open arms... and mind.

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