17 August 2012

Too Bright

I always fancy bright rooms but living in a high-rise condominium in a mostly desert-filled country with almost 365 days of sunshine then expect your living room to be so bright. Actually, too bright is the right term to use.

I am considering a darker shade of curtain and heavier textile to combat the extreme sunlight. I can also update the curtain rods and cover them with custom valances to add beauty and pizazz in the room.

I am a person who loves natural sunlight but not in extreme doses! I feel that our big sliding door can be installed with a slightly darker tint than what the glasses have now. It just gets too hot and bright that you have to literally wear shades inside the house.


  1. A classic case of "too much of anything is bad" :)
    I also hate it when it gets too bright- especially inside the house, where you're supposed to be comfortably relaxing. Sometimes I get headaches from it.

  2. Correct sis Pepper :) I too, get headaches from the brigtness. Nasa 6th floor pa naman kami and there's no other building to obstruct the sunrays.


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