23 August 2012

Waking Up With A Headache

Photo credit: diseaseaday.com
I have been trudging like a zombie for the past 2 days. I have this on and off headache which I slept through last night and praying it would go away when I woke up. Unfortunately, it was more pronounced this morning that I feared it would develop into a full-blown migraine.

The last thing I ever want to hit me is a migraine during an office day. I have allergies in most medication and pain killers are one of them. And to make my life more challenging, it is a trial and error for me to take any kinds of medication without having a skin test first. So, you can imagine how I have to convince myself to accept pain in varying degrees. Migraine is an exemption. When it hits, I am really catatonic. There's nothing more I can do but to lie in a dark, quiet room, close my eyes, put the air condition unit into full blast, sleep and pray that when I wake up, the pain is gone.

Half way through this day in the office was like the longest day of my life. I am just glad that my boss is considerate and allowed me to leave early. I knew my throbbing headache is not the normal one. It turned out to be a migraine.

I am glad I made it just in time because by the time I was reaching for the door at home, I was almost nauseated and had to squint because the lights were making my condition terrible. And the pain was too much to bear. I can feel tiny drillers poking all over my head.

Yes, the much needed sleep in a dark and cold room is always the best solution for me sans the medication. Sometimes I wonder if there is a way to go around this allergic reaction to almost any medication. But then again, going through my painful times actually makes me a tolerating and understanding person. I just don't know for how long...

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