05 August 2012

Walking In An Oven

No, you didn't read the title wrongly. I am referring to the weather here in Dubai. It is extremely hot outside. It is like standing inside an oven and getting baked. I am actually wheezing at the moment and praying it won't develop into full-blown asthma bout. I can't stand having asthma. It's just very difficult to breathe and I feel like suffocated. That is how the weather is today. Suffocating. Stifling.

I am not complaining. It's just stating a very obvious fact. It was around 44 degrees Celcius around noon time, or maybe even higher. I feel so sorry for those whose job involves working outside for a long period of time because it's not a joke to even stand a minute in the blistering heat.

Dear Lord, please ease the heat a bit.

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