15 August 2012

Weight Gain And Weight Loss

Gaining weight was difficult when I was young. I was a scrawny, little kid with a whale-ful of appetite. I remember chugging full cream milk every day, having 1 pint of ice cream for dessert and eating rice and other fattening morsels regularly. I barely gained weight.

I reached puberty and still had the same problem - too skinny. I was already in college and was still buying pants and other clothes off the pre-teens rack! I would always have my jeans re-fitted by a tailor or have to get a size meant for a 12 year-old kid. Imagine how tiny and slim I was then.

I got married and had a kid and still had the slim physique I had before. I started to balloon when I hit 35 and that was 5 years ago. Since then, my weight would fluctuate. It is a real yo-yo weight loss and gain for me. However, I noticed these past few weeks that it is a steady weight gain. Am I reaching menopausal stage? Are my hormones going berserk?

I am exercising and eating properly and yet, the scale still shows abominable numbers. I am too scared now to step on the weighing scale because the numbers are not right. Or I am in denial? Proof that I am gaining weight are my tight clothes. They are seriously getting tighter  by the week. If I don't do something very drastic and serious then I will end up buying bigger sized clothes which I am not too happy about.

My friends are supporting me on my goal to lose weight for good health's sake. I am serious about it but I need constant reminders and a lot of prodding o help me get through. I think I am having withdrawal symptoms now. I crave food that I usually don' eat and when I eat them, I feel awful. I hope I can get over that phase. I just want to lose weight the healthy way.

I have a very long way to go. I hope I can make it through because gaining weight is easier now than losing weight. My body's not the same anymore.


  1. You are not alone, Ria. I have gained weight also. As in GAINED. I also felt that my body is not the same anymore. No matter how little I eat, I seem to gain weight by the day. And because I am usually too tired from work and household chores, I always forego exercise which I think is so important in losing weight. With determination, I know we can lose weight! :)

  2. Told yah in the morning, what you focus on expands. you think you you are NOT losing weight, chances are, you will not lose weight. Instead, focus on healthy lifestyle, encourage healthy food choices... Put your energy to becoming healthy and most of all have a thankful heart - this is the bigger picture Ri... sometimes it's not all about hormones and food and that stuff... you have to harbor that positive feeling about yourself and all things will follow. Trust me on this one, when you focus on that, nothing will be hard in the kitchen, hehehe... take care sis...

  3. Hi Che!

    Thanks for the comment. Yes, I am listening to you and take your tips to heart. I need a buddy to support me on this and I know you'll fit the bill :)


  4. Hi Beth,

    Thanks for your comment. It is so hard to lose weight now especially if you pushed middle age. I'm not sure if hormones play a big role on this but what I know is, losing weight now is twice as hard so all the more effort we must exert. I need huge servings of will power too :)


  5. I know you can do it. Just be determine to have some diet and exercise.. Or you can even try supplements if you like. Goodluck po!^^

  6. Hi Sis,

    I am 34 and I am facing the same issue. Last July I started to exercise and eat more fruits and veggies... but I felt like I am not losing weight fast enough.

    Anyway, I just continue because I feel good after exercising and eating healthy foods. That's what keep me going but still I wish to reach my ideal weight..



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