24 September 2012

Encouraging Creativity

My creativity is still in hiatus for some months now. I am not sure when it will come back but I am looking forward to the day where I can create handmade cards and beautiful scrapbook pages again. I am also excited to get that Silhouette Cameo machine so I better have this creative juice flowing soon.

I am trying my level best to get it back but not being too forceful that will affect the passion I have with my projects. As of now, I have started the "rehabilitation" of my creativity by subscribing to my favorite crafty magazines. I have also browsed endless projects of crafty people for inspiration and I see a small spark right there in my brain. Yes, that little spark might just ignite the sleeping monster that I call "creativity."

Apart from the online activities, I am also looking at beautiful scenery and thinking of happy thoughts so at least I draw some inspiration from them. I feel it will come. I just don't have an iota of idea when.

Holiday season is creeping up fast and I just hope that I get this juice cranking before then so I can come up with pretty little crafty things to give to my family and friends.

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