18 September 2012

Happy Thoughts and Positive Energy

I don't have a perfect life. It's far from rosy but that doesn't deter me from being happy and positive despite of the circumstances surrounding my family back home.

I remember the happy times when my dad was still alive. My family back home was the picture of happiness and contentment. However, when my dad passed away 6 years ago, everything he worked hard for went down the drain. Our business, the savings, the properties...  nothing is left except for the house my dad and mom built with their own hard labor. And that house is slowly rotting, the memories, the values, the hope.

I try to salvage what ever I can but I will let God's will be done. I will maintain happy thoughts and encourage positive energy to come but if the people I am helping doesn't want it, so be it. I cannot live the life they have chosen.

God is good and He never fails. If people don't see it that way then it's not my problem anymore. I will keep believing. I will keep praying and I will keep asking God for blessings because He knows I deserve it.

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