19 September 2012

Hearing Sense

I am very thankful for God's blessings because I almost got deaf. I had an accident 9 years ago back home. Actually, my daughter wanted to surprise me. She was only 5 years old then. She told me to lean to her and that she was going to give me a surprise. She even made me close my eyes. Of course, who would ever resist a child's very sweet and loving request?  I gladly obliged and next thing I new, I heard a very loud "toot" on my right ear. I remember crying in pain and actually heard continuous ringing in my ear after she blew a horn to my right ear. Then suddenly, all I was hearing was muffled and faint sounds. I knew she didn't mean to. Then I had fever the day after and my ears bled. I knew that wasn't good.

I had to see an ear specialist because I couldn't hear anything on the right side. I was constantly tripping and had difficulty listening especially in a crowd where people would talk all at the same time. At one point, I had considered the use of hearing aids. I remember going to work with an ear patch because of the topical medication and ear drop. It was a bit messy and unsightly but I could care less. Having my hearing again was my main concern so if I had to walk around with some cotton balls stuck in my right ear, I would do that.

The accident left my right ear drum slightly scarred and I had to go through years of treatment to improve the hearing. I was partially deaf for 3-4 years after my daughter blew a horn to my ear. I patiently went through the treatment and felt the improvement because I can hear again. It is not 100% perfect but I settle for the fact that my hearing is back, say 70%. That's not a bad percentage!

So now, I appreciate every senses the Lord has given me because I have felt how it is to be partially handicapped. It is not easy. I have great respect for those who don't make their handicap an excuse to do the things they set their hearts on.

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