06 September 2012

High Cost Of Education

When I was a student, I never gave much attention to the financial aspect involved in sending kids to school. I knew they were being taken cared of by the adults. My role was to fulfill my parents' dream of making them proud by giving them the accolades I earned in school.

That perception changed when I became the parent and is now sending a kid to school on her 9th Grade. The cost of education before didn't hit me at all until now. The tuition fees increased by 3 percent, most of the books have been changed so I couldn't borrow from friends who have older kids in school and there are additional fees to pay aside from the normal fees I have paid the last time. Everything is costly! And everything is just business! Where is the aspect of providing real education with less the expense from educators?

I spoke to some parents in school today while I was waiting for my turn to pay for the books I purchased. They have 4-5 kids in school and I have only 1 but I am already wondering where I will get the payment for the last term. If only there are scholarships offered to expats' kids here then it wouldn't be this difficult to gather funds for schooling. And then I realized that education should be accessible to all and not very expensive. Education should be given for free!


  1. It's so expensive over here as well. I have two now and an annual tuition fee cost an arm and leg for us..

    Visiting from Comex, also followed your through GFC..

  2. Hehehe education is free naman, almost free up to High School but if you want quality, you need to send kids to private school... sana nga quality teaching is available for everybody... not just for those who can afford higher fees... :( but that's reality of life...

  3. Free education. a thing of the past na siguro. Lucky me, my youngest has a year to go finishing his Engineering cost and it is our eldest daughter KM who is shouldering the school expenses.

  4. i agree with your point... education is a must have or a given not just an opportunity, but the government should do something to make education available for everyone and should not be dependent on an individual's social status...

    thanks for sharing :)

  5. That is so true po! Everything is all about business na today. Wala ka ng mahahanap na mura. Kahit nga yung mga kapatid ko ay sa public school pumapasok, magastos pa din kasi yung mga projects nila super dami at mahal na nga.

    kaya rumaraket na lang ako para makatulong sa parents ko since tapos na din naman ako ng HS at I'm working online naman po as a web developer so kahit papano, nakakatulong din. Yun nga lang, problema pa din kasi pagdating ng sahod, bayad lahat! Tsk..

  6. I think everyone is waiting for that to happen but I guess just like with what Papaleng said, it was a thing of the past.

    Education is a profitable business. It's like a necessity just like food and shelter.

  7. I hear your sentiments. If you find it hard to send your kid to school, how much more for Filipino parents who can barely buy food to be laid down on the family's table? The government has frequently said it's free education for all but it's just all words. Like for me, I am a graduate of a state university, iskolar ng bayan nga daw pero may mga fees pa rin naman, minimal nga lang. So it's not totally free talaga.

  8. Thanks for your comments everyone. I know I shouldn't be whinging about the cost of sending my kid to school for her bright future. It is my obligation as a parent to do that. I'm just wondering where the real educators' passion has gone. It's entirely business now. I miss the days when our school will offer free evening classes to the less fortunate or free activities to do in school. Everything is tied to a price tag :(


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