23 September 2012

Plan a Birthday Party for Your Child with Sparkling Elements & Good Company

Planning a birthday party for your child can be time consuming and not to mention a lot of work. If your little girl or boy wants to have a birthday bash it will be fun for you to come up with the perfect location and theme for the party. So it’s time to start thinking outside the box and come up with a birthday party that they will adore.

If budget is an issue, host the party at your home. With a few extra décor pieces, such as  indoor wall fountains to add modern elegance to your interior and plants that create an instant tropical abyss, both the children and adults will be entertained during the birthday party. Plus, if you plan to take the time to invite both the parents and children you’ll be all set. Now all you need is to figure out which rooms to have the children and adults in.

If you decide to host the party in your home, set up an entertainment area in your living room area for the children. You can include blow up balloons, little party favors, and snacks set up on the table. They can also have fun playing Xbox and other games while you enjoy time catching up with all of the parents in a different room. Have a separate space for all of the adults to socialize at when everyone is over, such as in the dining room. This will allow you to have your own separate fun while the kids do their own thing in the room next to yours.

Later in the evening you can bring your birthday prince or princess into the kitchen to sing Happy Birthday to and then serve cake, where the parents and kids can come together once more. It will give everyone a chance to catch up on what they have been up to the last couple of hours and they will also enjoy eating delicious cake and maybe even ice cream.

Even though it may be a lot of work cleaning up your house and getting ready for company, it will be far more frugal to prepare your own space for a joyous occasion rather than renting another space. Besides, implementing beautiful elements like indoor wall fountains will certainly stand out in your interior too. In addition, adding a focal point in your home will look stunning and will also look nice for parties and many other social events to come.

Sierra is a freelance writer and owner of  Paige One. She remembers her parents throwing a party when she was younger and the pretty elements in her home always stood out.


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