13 September 2012

Struggle With Creativity

It has been 5 months since I last did a crafty project and my creative juice is still out. I am getting a bit worried now because no matter how hard I try and refer to plenty crafty magazines for inspiration, I still cannot crank up my creative juice. Nothing. Just a void...

I wonder what happened to me. I am not like this before. Usually, I don't get dry spells when it comes to creativity. Most of the time I will just look at colorful and artsy objects and I will instantly get an inspiration. I have done that but still no luck. I even read my previous edition of crafty magazines for some project ideas but I am not feeling it. My question is, have I really lost my creativity? That sudden? And why?

I know I have a lot in my plate these days. I am so pre-occupied with so many things which have no relation to anything crafty. Aside from that, I am busy with activities concerning wealth-building and securing our future that I feel I may have unconsciously diverted my creative energy on those matters.

What ever the case may be and the reason for this dry creative spell, I just want it to come back, even in trickles or drops. I just want a speck of creative juice to flow in my think tank because I miss making cards and scrapbook pages. I don't know where to begin.


  1. I guess you need more focus and have the feeling that of a baby aiming for his milk bottle.

  2. Just take things one day at a time sis. Hopefully everything will fall into place.

    At least that creativity is innate in you and will definitely show in no time.

  3. I guess, you need sometime for yourself, don't be stress about this things, enjoy and love what you do.

  4. one thing that can get a person be motivated to make and pursue a thing is an inspiration, but maybe at this time you are having thoughts overload that's why you cannot focus to this things.

    if you cannot make one this time, then don't try it yet it will only disappoint you

    Rovie is right take things one at a time.

  5. relax and don;t force yourself.. ganyan din ako I have dry spells thinking on what to design for a digi kit .. pero after a while pag naka realx na at when I browse for ideas ayun your creativity will flow na.. take your time,,

  6. Oh don't worry about it,I'm sure you will have the motivation again :)

  7. i guess time would help you focus a little more... i'm not that creative so i can't comment that much.. hehe...

    as for inspiration though - always has been my family... funny though the last time i did a very good write up about an event - we had inuman/tagay lol...


  8. i think u need an inspiration from somebody who would make u feel look good inside and out. i bet that would work. =D

  9. This is my first visit in your blog and I love your over-all design! Ang cute :p

  10. it's never too late to start another project... you will eventually start up your momentum sooner than you expected


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