25 September 2012

Training and Personal Development Plan

My new managers are very supportive of their staff's personal and career development. We are asked by the management to submit our personal development plans for both short and long term to encourage us in acquiring more skills and learning new things for our advancement.

I am excited to enroll in instructor-led courses over the span of 1 year and do online training on the side. I did not have this kind of opportunity from the previous department so I am heeding the advice of my superiors to take advantage of the support the whole management is giving us to make us better persons and more professional and skilled.

Our online courses offer many interesting modules that will enhance my skills and give me more knowledge on other subject matters relevant to the operations of the company. Not only that, we have our Learning Resource Centre which is open to all staff. There are reading materials, media resources and other references we can borrow for the purpose of learning and training. I can also check other resources like journals, articles written on personal and professional development and free audio books online.

The chance to grow in my new department is very promising. My dormant career has finally awaken and is now taking a different; albeit, interesting twist on my career goals. I have better chances of moving around, acquiring new skills, knowledge and experience which may eventually lead (crossing my fingers and praying really hard) to an upgrade in my position.

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