05 September 2012

Wednesday Anime - Axis Powers Hetalia Part 1 - France/Francis

This segment in my blog has been dormant for sometime because my daughter and I have been too busy with other stuff. Now that she is going back as an anime-freak, I have given this Wednesday meme to her to write about.

So, welcome the first post of my daughter's Wednesday Anime series. She will be writing articles about her favorite anime characters and shows.

Here's the first post for the series:

(Photo credit: hetalia.wikinet.org)

Axis Powers Hetalia is a Japanese webcomic created by Hidekazu Himaruya. The comic centers around the historical  happenings during World War II  and  gives history  a comedical outlook.  The series  involves anthropomorphic representations of the world's nations,with the storyline jumping  from  pre-historic WWII to modern day. The  anime is very  stereotypical  with  the characters and  it  may  be  offensive to others but it is definitely a  humorous and would make history classes less boring and more interesting!

Today, I am featuring one of the main characters of Hetalia: France.

Basic Statistics:
Name (Human name): France/Francis Bonnefoy
Age (by physical appearance): 26
Gender: Male
Birthday: July 14
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 175 cm (5’9”)

He has shoulder-length blond hair, blue eyes and a slight amount of facial hair which he believes makes him look like an "*onii-san." His facial hair represents the Gorges du Tarn, or Tarn Gorges, that he’d been growing since the late 18th century (and yet he looks like he isn’t a day over 20…) He wears a long blue coat with matching caplet, red pants and brown boots, even though it has been said by both England and America that he sticks out like a sore thumb dressed like that. (His reason was that he looks fashionable and that the others’ outfits look like trash…oh France, you.) He is depicted, if not often, with a rose (which inadvertently is also used to censor his genitals when he goes out nude)

Personality and Interests:
Francis was once considered a large nation, but after the death of Napoleon Bonaparte, he became useless during wars and instead used wine to attract tourists top his country. He has a very intense rivalry with England, and enjoys fighting with him over trivial things like “who is more perverted amongst the two of them”. His hobbies are agriculture, fashion design, sketching, singing, manipulation activities and wandering around art museums and fashion boutiques in Paris, especially odd or chic places.

Photo credit: hetalia.wikia.com
Francis is infatuated with most of the nations and is well known for seizing every opportunity to make inappropriate innuendos and showing his affections, often by streaking or being touchy-feely.  He is very attracted to beautiful things. He said “be gentle to the ladies and be gentle to the earth.” Is his motto. He admits to being “the dandiest among the dandies”. And he loves himself so much that he doesn’t even bother to learn or remember English and considers French the “language of love”. In addition to that, he refers to the others as insignificant characters to himself.

Stated once that he’s afraid of computers (even though he isn’t intimidated by other technologies), Germany (and claims that he hates Germans in general, despite the fact that he gets along well with Germany and Prussia as of late), Russia, Switzerland (as he would shoot him down if he passes over to Swiss territory), an angry England and quite possibly, Turkey. It seems that gardening relaxes him along with reading Japan’s new manga(s).

He’s referenced his old age several times, saying things like how his waist is always creaking; his back hurts and had to surrender to sleep early in the day. Although, he gets very upset when he is called a grandpa as opposed to a big brother (a self-proclaimed title) and claiming he is still young.

He also holds a belief that those who have been “toyed with history” are always reborn, but into a normal life and get to live regular, happy lives. He manage to confirm this when he met a girl, during the modern century, named Lisa who had come to France for her birthday, which he believed to be was the reincarnation of Joan of Arc.

(Notes: *onii-san means ‘older brother’ or ‘big brother’ in Japanese)


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