10 October 2012

Cold Weather Gear

We have trip in the offing by the end of this month, just in time for the long Eid holidays. And guess where we are going again? New York! Yes, it is our all time favorite place to go to during holidays just because everything is accessible and we have family and friends there. It's just so much fun to visit a place when you know people who live there.

The weather there now is getting cooler. We have to keep our warm clothing ready. I may have to buy new winter clothing just like the north face womens jackets I saw in the internet. My winter clothes are getting very outdated and I feel it is time to update them too.

I hope to find great offers there so I can buy some nice winter clothes for myself and family. Who knows, the new winter gears may come in very handy when we push through our Europe tour next year.

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