21 October 2012

Coolest Halloween Costume Ever

I have seen all kinds of Halloween costumes in the market and being paraded by everyone who dig this spooky and fun occasion. Most of them are the typical hero/heroin costumes or the gory ones but have you actually seen something more on the high technology kind that will involve smart phones or even iPads and an app? Well, you should see this video from ABC News/Yahoo News' Bill Weir of This Could Be Big and see for yourself the next coolest Halloween costume ever! I am rooting for this one!

"Sorry, the video has been removed."

The person behind this super cool and wonderful creation is Mark Rober who is a NASA engineer who was also involved in the Curiosity Rover project. His web digitaldudz.com offers cool costumes for less. If you already have a smart phone, iPhone or iPad or any gadget that runs Android, you can download the free app get the costume shirt from digitaldudz.com, cut out the eyeball and duct tape your phone or gadget behind the eyeball and align the app. And when done, you have your own cool, cute and spooky costume for Halloween. Check it out!

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