11 October 2012

House Construction

We are waiting for the proper segregation of the parcel of property my in-law's gave us in Quezon City before we decide on the next step which is scouting for a great architect who will render the vision of our dream home.

Te next step will surely involve a thorough discussion amongst my husband and I because this will involve money matters and it is going to be a big one. It's not a joke to go through a house construction project because all our savings will probably go to that project and then some. We may end up taking a loan with Pag-Ibig fund to finance the project otherwise, we have to wait for sometime until we are ready.

Other things we are considering is the scouting of reliable contractors who will use safe and high-quality materials. They should have materials that are at par with building safety codes and the public municipality. I had to check some internet sites like www.reidsupply.com and other known manufacturers of high-quality equipment and supplies to aid in the construction of our dream home.

This project is the culmination of our dreams and I take this seriously. I will not compromise the design, safety aspect and definitely the durability of the house we have dreamed of and saved for all these years.

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