02 October 2012

It's Flu Season Again

The season is changing and we are bracing ourselves health wise because it is flu season once again. Just the other day, I was sneezing my lungs out. Today in the office, my colleagues are sneezing and coughing, one is even experiencing the progression of flu. And when I came home, my daughter is sneezing like crazy.

I definitely know what to do when the weather change. Here are tips my family follow to keep the flu at bay and be fit enough to get through the seasonal transition:

1. Drink plenty of water and fruit juices
2. Eat fresh fruits especially those high in Vit. C and vegetables
3. Take daily supplements of multi-vitamins
4. Regular exercise
5. Wear warm clothing
6. Sip green tea
7. Have plenty of sleep
8. Have inoculation for flu/influenza

Keep yourself and family healthy and build your immune system especially this time of the year when the cold season is approaching.


  1. Thanks for the tip...its all good one! :) cheers for a healthy family to all of us. visiting back from Comment Exchange Activity of FBF, thanks for coming. :)

  2. Yes! It's getting colder and I'm sure going to sick again. Well, it's always been a vicious cycle every Fall for me :(.

  3. Your post is so timely, as we have family members having flu recently. Prevention indeed is better than cure.


  4. great tips! we all should be ready and should always take care of our family's health. :)

  5. It's always best to be prepared, because you'll never know when a flu will strike. So, we need to always drink some vitamins for extra resistance.

  6. You said it all. nothing can we do with flu except take extra care of our health.

  7. ayay, I hate when it's flu season.....this reminds me of getting a flu shot this weekend.

  8. Yes its a good tips you never want to spend money to heal the flu...

  9. Helpful tips here.
    Yay! As the TVC goes; Bawal magkasakit.

  10. thanks for all the tips. cheers for sharing! :)

  11. This post simply reminded me to get my butt off my chair and start hitting the gym yet again. My toxic sched prevented me to get the needed exercise but it's high time I set some priorities. Thanks for the reminder ;-)


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