13 October 2012

MyMemories Paper Project - Coffin Box Tutorial for Halloween

Boo!!! Make some fun coffin box for Halloween! You can use this to put some nice trinkets to give out to the young ones when they trick or treat or put soe candies and other sweets as well. All those will look good in these spookily cute boxes.

MyMemories.com is sharing these free template (look at the right side of my blog) for you to download to create endless fun paper projects to make. If you don't have MyMemories Suite Digital scrapbook software then head on to MyMemories.com to purchase the software at a special discounted rate using my 10% discount code:  


Coffin Box tutorial

1. Print your Coffin Box templates on cardstock and gather supplies.
Be sure to set your margins as close to 0 as possible.
(Recommended supplies: small craft scissors, bone folder, glue runner, ruler)

2. Using the scissors cut along outside edges.

3. Using a bone folder and a ruler, score from each corner to corner, including all inside and outside corners.
There should be a total of 13 score lines.
TIP: Use the tip of a bone folder and trace along the edge of a ruler to create score lines on your project.

4. For this tutorial, the score lines have been outlines in orange to make them easier to see.

5. Use the bone bolder and fold all score lines toward the white side of the paper.

6. Apply glue to all triangular shaped tabs.
There should be a total of 6 tabs.

7. Bring the sides up and apply the tab to the back of the side piece next to it.

8. If using glue and not a glue runner, you can use paper clips to hold the tabs in place while your glue sets and dries.

9. Enjoy your Coffin Box.
TIP: These boxes can be filled with candy, brownies, or any other treat. Also work great as centerpieces or treat boxes.

Free templates are located on the side of my blog on the right side. Feel free to download them courtesy of MyMemories.com.

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  1. oh thank you! just what I needed for halloween decor. Would also liek to put the treats insied the box coffin. I'm sure our neighbors' kids would enjoy it.

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