12 October 2012

Rehabilitation Center for Drug Abuse

I have seen the ugly side of dealing with substance addiction. It is very painful to witness the suffering of those involved, from the drug addict who is spiraling out of control to the family and friends who are there to help and feel the suffering as well. I have seen that. I have experienced all the pain and agony and I have been one of those who tried to pick up someone I love from the addiction that has befallen him. And going through the process is never easy. I have seen and felt it all. And I don't want to go through that process again.

My brother was a drug addict. We never knew it until he started acting weird and was always up all night. He barely sleeps. He lost weight and he became a recluse. His attitude towards us became volatile and lethargic which was not his nature. And then we found small pouches of white, powdery stuff stashed under his clothes. That was when we knew it was bad and ugly.

So, the arduous process of convincing him to go to rehab began and it was a lengthy one until he decided his life was wasting away. We had to search for suitable residential inpatient rehab center that would work alongside my brother's condition. We sent him to rehab for half a year and I vowed to my family and to himself that once he was clean and free from the evils that lured him into addiction, I would help him stand up on his two feet and would give him another chance in life.

I am thankful for rehabilitation centers around the world who help and support drug addicts to become normal again and free themselves from the bad vice. My brother was accepted in one of the rehab centers in the Philippines which helped him overcome his disorder the natural way without any help of medications. A similar rehabilitation center which allows addicts to cope with their withdrawal via natural methods is Morningside Recovery. The clients are offered with opportunities to enjoy life like having nature retreats, art classes, rock climbing, vocational training, and even attend university classes.  Just like my brother's rehab center which is situated on the foot of the mountain, Morningside Recovery is situated along the coast of Southern California, providing an idyllic view of nature, helping clients recover placidly and naturally.

I personally and strongly believe that helping drug addicts to recover is one way to achieve healing and regain their trust to themselves and the society.

Life is beautiful; they deserve to see and feel that.

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