11 October 2012

Scary Fog In Dubai Yesterday

The fog has arrived and yesterday was one of the many more fogs we will encounter here in Dubai. Yesterday's fog was scary because it was dense and descended so fast. I peeped through our bedroom window to see only flicker of lights from vehicles and the street lamps. And 5 minutes after, the fog was thick, very misty and very dangerous.

The news today warned the public of the many more fog encounters we will have these coming days because the weather is changing. We are slowly easing into fall.

Driving in a very dense fog is treacherous. Plenty of motorists decided to stay home and waited it out while others pulled on the shoulder and the side of the road for safety. Others decided to skip work or school while others drove slowly than ever because you couldn't see the curb nor the pavement on the thick fog yesterday. Even flights were diverted and delayed. That one fog which lasted for several hours in the morning caused mayhem both on the ground and off!

So if you happen to drive into another fog in the coming days, please remember to practice caution. Do not, I repeat, do not ever use hazard lights as motorists behind will not be able to anticipate your sudden change of lane or stop. Use the fog lights and maintain a low beam. Using a high beam can reflect more light to tiny moisture and can cause more visibility issues. Also, drive slowly and maintain a safe distance of about 2-3 cars apart. Be patient as everyone else is hoping and praying to get to their destinations safely and in one piece.

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