21 October 2012

St. Pedro Calungsod - The 2nd Filipino Saint

Photo credit: www.wikipedia.com

As a Catholic, I rejoice in the canonization of St. Pedro Calungsod - the second Filipino Saint. The first was St. Lorenzo Ruiz who was canonized by Pope John Paul II in 18 October 1987, making this year his 25th anniversary as a saint.

St. Pedro Calungsod has joined the ranks of the martyr saints today, 21 October 2012. He has been canonized by Pope Benedict XVI in Rome in the presence of Cardinal Ricardo Vidal.

He was a martyr and suffered religious persecution at the hands of one of the tribes' man in Chamorro in Guam. Along with St. Vitores, another missionary in the village, stones were tied to their feet and they were thrown in the sea.

The  religious sufferings and martyrdom of St. Pedro Calungsod was considered by the Roman Catholic Church and approved his beatification in March 1997.

"St. Pedro Calungsod, intercede for us. Amen."

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