09 October 2012

Wasted Guitar

Time and time again, we always fall to our daughter's whims. If it's not us, the parents, it's the relatives. She is not spoiled-rotten but oftentimes, she can get away with what she wants just like that.

Last year, my sis-in-law bought her a nice, pink guitar because "she wanted to learn" how to play the guitar. I even asked the nearby music school for her to enroll for her guitar lessons. Each time we go to the music school, she would make up excuses until I finally got it. She must have changed her heart.

I think my daughter is going through uncertain times being a teen ager. One day she wants to play the guitar with matching requests for fancy accessories like a hard case and some serious D'Addario guitar strings. Then few days later, she wants to learn karate or bake or sing. I am so confused but being a mother, I fully support what ever it is that will make her happy. I just hope she will finally settle her heart on what she really likes to do.

I feel a bit awful for the pretty guitar she has which is gathering dust in the corner of the room. I just hope that she'll come to terms with her aspirations in life and now is a good time to start sorting that out.

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