15 November 2012

Ester C - Vitamin C Supplement

My recent trip to NYC introduced me to a Vitamin C supplement brand which I have never heard nor tried in the past.  I got sick while vacationing there and was coughing, sneezing and having terrible migraine attacks. My immune system was so low that time so my cousin gave me Ester-C.

I got a bit curious because it's just a normal Vitamin C which I also take back home but not the same brand as the one she had given me. Ester-C is not the typical Vitamin C. It is a calcium ascorbate which is a unique form of Vitamin C. It is different from other generic Vitamin C supplements because it is made using a water-based manufacturing process that gives a pH neutral product that has naturally occurring Vit. C metabolites. Then the metabolites activate the Vitamin C molecules present, allowing the body to absorb them in the cells. This is vital to enhance immune system.

So, I took the 500 mg. tablet. What really surprised me was, I was expecting the weird side-effect afterwards in my stomach. Surprisingly, this supplement is quite gentle. I am already acidic so the last thing I need is to aggravate my acidity.

My only concern now is if the UAE sells this kind of brand here. I am not sure if I can order from the US and have it shipped here because of drugs/supplements importation law. I hope I bought the supplement there. I will check the local pharmacies here and see if they carry the brand. I hope they do because I will ditch my other Vitamin C supplements. I need something that will not irritate my stomach and will act fast in terms of improving my immune system and heart health.

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  1. Ester is a form of Vitamin C that is designed to stay for long time in our white blood cells thus providing greater immunity. This is generally non acidic and strongly recommended just because of this property.


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