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10 November 2012

Hello Winter 1000USD Cash Giveaway Sign Up

Here's your chance to be a part of the biggest giveaway event of the year! Sign up for the Hello Winter $1000 Cash Giveaway here and increase your traffic and have the chance to join this mega giveaway.

Hello Winter!

Do you want to increase your social media reach? Hello Giveaways hosted by Happy Home and Family and Diva Fabulosa are sure to give you a minimum of 500 and up to 1000+ new fans.

  • Prize - $1000 paypal cash to 1 winner (final amount may vary depending on how many sign up)
  • FEE - Each blogger will pay $7 for Facebook and Twitter and $5 for Twitter and Pinterest ($2 admin fee included).
  • Tentative date: January 22- February 22
  • Blogger Incentive : The participant blogger who refers the most sign ups will get $25 Paypal Cash and an opportunity to host a follow page (follow pages get about 1000 visits a day)
  • Last day to sign up is ( tentative )December 31
  • Participants are required to post the giveaway on their blogs

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