16 November 2012

More Storage

I have done my spring cleaning sometime back and can still find many knick and knacks that I should have disposed or sold before. I try my level best to be practical at times but when my sentimental-side kicks-in, I find it really difficult to part ways with my belongings especially when they are given or acquired on special times.

Our flat is just enough for a small family. However, if you come to my abode, you'll see that we are in need of storage cabinets. Either that or I really need to downsize. I already have a separate linen closet for my table cloths, curtains, towels, beddings, and winter outfits. I think I will need to revamp the closet to throw or donate the rarely used items since we can only use so much especially the thicker winter garments. They take up so much space and it does not get very cold here.

I think I have a big task at hand now. I need to sort our stuff and really cut back on the unnecessary purchases of bulky items that will not be used regularly. I already sent some old belongings and my daughter's toys back home. By the looks of it, another cleaning is in the offing.

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