26 November 2012

The Eventful New York Vacation

The recent trip we had was quite the adventure! I still vividly remember feeling scared to a point of getting very terrified about Hurricane Sandy. I can still hear the howling of the wind, I can still feel the cold and moist air biting my face and I can certainly remember how it feels to be really scared stiff.

Images were running in my mind. What if we had to evacuate? What if the flood reaches where we were? What if the tree falls on the apartment? What if the water surge is so high that we would go down? Flashes of various images were running in my head like seeing many police patrols, ambulances, medics running around and carts pushed in the hospital just like the ones I see in the Howard-Medical.com hospital carts.

I know it was negative to think such thoughts but when you are in a situation where you and everyone else is at the mercy of Mother Nature, then you can only hope and pray that everyone will be safe and that everything will calm down.

Despite of the recent calamity and the exciting adventure we had gone through, I still want to visit New York. I will just have to make sure that no storm is brewing nearby.

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