02 December 2012

Christmas Caroling

I have fond memories of my caroling days when I was still young. My friends and I would gather and discuss the different Christmas songs we would sing. Apart from, we would plan which house to visit and which one to skip. Everything would be written down to the last detail so everybody remembered the lyrics and how our caroling should go.

We didn't practice. We just decided to start caroling which coincided with the first Sunday of the Advent. We had so much fun the first night. We were chaperoned by one of my friends' sister so we had adult supervision. We did our first round in our street and our neighbors were delighted to see familiar faces singing beautiful (to me, we sounded like the best carolers in the world that time!) Christmas carols. Some of my male friends even brought their guitars and mini-organ which none of them knew how to play. They brought it for props and I say, it helped getting the much needed money or tip.

We caroled until Dec. 23 and we earned a decent amount of money. We split the money amongst ourselves and concluded our Christmas caroling activity that year. That was 1984. We had so much fun!

I miss those times. I am reminiscing the days of my youth and so happy that some of my friends from that caroling group is still around. I'm not sure if I can do any caroling again. I haven't sung for the longest time and when I do, I would sing praise to the Lord. Maybe in the privacy of my room but my songs of Christmas carols will all be for Him because it's His birthday. He deserves that praise in hymn.

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