07 December 2012

Christmas Vacation - Coming Soon!

Few more days and we will be spending the most joyous occasion with our families and friends back home. We have been very busy catching up on our Christmas shopping for families and friends so my schedule is out of whack these days.

Christmas shopping is not only the activity I have during weekends. I also have to fulfill blog assignments, do some household chores and finish my sister-in-laws handmade baptismal invitation for her youngest son. I commissioned to do it as my gift to her. It's a good way to get the creative juice back and I am glad that it's trickling in. Although it came a bit late, the creativity juice that is. I would have created some handmade cards to giveaway. No fret, I'll start early next year with that project.

All I know is, we're counting the days and the excitement is building up. I can't wait to see my family and friends once again.

Advance Merry Christmas to all! I'll be very busy these coming days so let me greet you now.

May the blessed season bring joy, peace and love in your hearts. Happy 2013!

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