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10 December 2012

My Printcopia Giveaway Winner's Prize

Darlene Demell is the lucky recipient of the 16 x 20 print canvas from the recently concluded Printcopia Giveaway here in my blog.

The prize was originally 8 x 10 as promised by the sponsor. However, there was a slight change in the shipping policy of Printcopia after the giveaway went live. Unfortunately, Canada was no longer part of their free shipping and the winner happened to be from Canada.

I am very grateful for Printcopia because they listened to my plea to let this one pass. Since it was an agreement anyway when I did the giveaway that Canada was part of the free shipping. Exchanges of email went back and forth. I even went as far as sending money to Darlene so she could claim her prize because she was the rightful winner and really promoted the giveaway. To cut the story short,  Printcopia agreed to ship it to her for free and what's more nice about Printcopia is that they upgraded the prize to 16 x 20!  I am very happy with the outcome and everyone's happy.

Here is Darlene's post about her prize from Printcopia. Please visit her site to read the full story.

Photo credit: Darlene Demell

Thanks Darlene and to all the promoters and joiners of the Printcopia Giveaway! I owe the success of the giveaway to all of you.

Thanks Princtopia for the beautiful memories in canvas!


  1. Hi Ria
    You are very welcome and I must thank you for ALL you did to help me out in this win. Printcopia was very helpful too and my son will be very pleased with the picture at Christmas. We did exchange a lot of emails etc. with Printcopia and between you and I but all in all it ended up well. I am happy and everyone is happy. You went out of your way to help and I really appreciate it.
    So people, be sure to enter Ria's giveaways. She is one grand lady I tell you. :)

  2. You're such a sweetheart Darlene! I am very happy to have gone out of my way to give you the prize you truly deserve because you're were one of the many who helped promote and regularly tweeted about the giveaway.

    I'm happy you got your canvas. I'm sure your son will be so happy and thrilled to find his pretty presents under the tree :)

    Merry Christmas and Happy 2013 Darlene and to you family! May God's blessings be yours and the coming year.

  3. Beautiful memories preserved in canvas is indeed awesome. I am happy for the winner- Darlene. Visiting her post later. Glad Printcopia agreed to ship it for free in the end and that they upgraded the size. Happy holidays to you and your family! :D

  4. You are an awesome host, Sis. Getting out of your way for the winner to rightfully claim her prize is more than enough proof of that. Not so many contest hosts do that. They're usually hands off once the contest is over.

    That's so nice of Printcopia to upgrade the prize and to finally agree to ship the canvass to Canada. There's no better way to relive grand memories than preserve it in the form of canvass.

    More contest/ giveaway hostings your way! :-)

  5. A very nice Christmas gift for Darlene. Congrats and have a fun holiday.

  6. Wow, that's a huge size for a canvas, I only have 8x10 but still happy with it.

  7. At least all is well in the end and Darlene and her family can now enjoy their canvass.

    Congrats for a successful giveaway sis!

  8. wow, that's very nice of them to do that...some advertisers won't even consider.

  9. hats off to you Ria, for fighting for the right of your winner to acknowledge the agreement, glad you kept on/ Congratulations to Darlene.

  10. That is so nice of you to stand from what it agreed especially the winner is from Canada. Congrats.

  11. I'm glad that everything turned out alright especially since the winner has every right to expect the original conditions to prevail. It is is good that you helped the winner to the finish.

  12. You've done a great job Ria on doing an extra effort to guarantee the winner of the prize agreed. Congratulations Darlene.

  13. Congrats to the lucky winner of your giveaway Sis :-) her pictures are pretty :-)

  14. Thanks for all your nice and warm comments everyone :) I'm tickled pink on all your praises. I just feel that it was the right thing to do; if it means I have to shoulder the shipping myself, I would just so Darlene could claim the prize she won, fair and square :)

    So, next time folks, join my giveaways :) I'll try my level best to serve you with 101$ integrity. Naks! Parang tatakbo ako na politician ah! hahaha...

  15. I meant to type % on that dollar sign on my comment above... darn small keboards! hahaha :)


  16. Congratulations to the winner! He deserves it!

  17. That is so nice and sweet for you and the printoria, slight changes sometimes can't be prevented, however i am happy that things were resolve and even given her a nicer prize...

  18. congrats to the winner!..nice gift for christmas..


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