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07 January 2013

Ergonomic Chair

I will need two very soon at home and in the office. My back is begging for a chair that is designed to cushion my bottom properly and support my posture and spine. The one I have in the office is so-so but I need to put a back cushion to properly support the arch of my spine. The one I have at home is form Ikea but the back cannot be adjusted to follow the natural curve of my spine. Aside from that, it is in dire need of a comfortable cushion for chair because it is made from hard plastic.

I do not fancy the executive-kind of chairs at work. I just need something that is sturdy with enough cushion to make my sitting comfortable and a back with foams that can be adjusted to rise and fall when required.

Ergonomic chairs are quite costly and considering our company's budget constraint and my own personal budget too, I doubt if I can request for a new chair. I may just make-do of what is there at the moment but I can improve my back's condition by bringing an arch support to ease my back pains.


  1. Yes we need that especially if our work requires hours of sitting. I am sure you can find one soon!

  2. I also need one at this time because our computer chair is about to give up on us.

  3. A chair that you can incline when needed is a must so when you want to rest your tired back, you can just adjust it.

  4. Ergonomic Chair? how does it looks like and operate?

  5. Just try requesting it from the company you work for. After all you need to be comfortable in order to function well especially that you work more or less 8 hours a day if I'm not mistaken.

  6. I think I need one myself. I have been complaining of back pain and I certainly know it's due to lack of cushion and wrong posture whenever I spent hours in front of the computer. I have seen ads on TV and says it works really great!

  7. Why not try asking from the company. I think you deserve it since you have to be at work more or less 8 hours a day.

  8. Thanks for the comments everyone. Well, company policy, they can only change my chair if it's broken...hmmmmmm...hehehehe

    Kuya Papaleng, ergonomic chair po yung na-aadjust according sa spinal alignment ang back support and the arm rests, recline mechanisms are also adjustable. In short - halos lahat ng component ng chair can be adjusted according to your own comfort. It's a bit pricey kaya di ako pwede mag-request basta basta :(


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