13 January 2013

Fancy Gift For A Boss

I am not the kind of person who gives gifts to my bosses. It's nothing personal. I am just feel a bit awkward about the whole thing. However, if ever I find myself in a situation where I have to present something to my bosses, I will probably choose something fancy and depending on what my bosses' lifestyles are.

If they smoke then I may buy rocky patel cigars or if they are planning to quit smoking, I may check out the e-cigars available now. Some of my bosses love wines so a trip to the nearby winery will be undertaken to choose one of the fine wines.

Some of my bosses are great dressers so giving them a silk tie or a set of cuff links and tie pin will be in order. Some of them maybe green "thumbs" so I can check the local garden shop and buy pretty seedlings or flower seeds for them to plant on their garden.

There are plenty of ideas to give your fancy bosses. I know it may break your budget but sometimes, especially when you are giving a gift to a boss who has been truly nice to you, I say, the price becomes insignificant weighing all the nice gestures to go on your favor.

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