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25 January 2013

Foggy And Cold Friday In Dubai

I'm not sure what's going in with the weather in Dubai but it has been foggy for the past 4 days. Few weeks ago, I posted about how hot it was during this year's winter. Well, I think winter came very late in our region.

I woke up in the morning to see thick fog covering our area. The temperature is 13 degrees Celcius at the moment. No wonder I am feeling a bit chilly because I left the window slightly ajar. I have taken some snaps from the veranda and the last shot was to include the sun but the fog is so think. I feel sorry for the delayed and diverted flights now because the have to land somewhere else and wait it out.

This is what I see in the morning from our 6th floor balcony at 8:50.

IMG_1686_zps421f0193 photo IMG_1686_zps421f0193.jpg

IMG_1687_zps2b35cdec photo IMG_1687_zps2b35cdec.jpg

Drive safely everyone and buckle and bundle up. It's quite cold outside.

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  1. Baligtad naman dito, Ria. Sobrang lamig nung pumasok ang January. Pero ngayon week, nsa 20-26 deg na bandang tanghali. But they told me here na babalik naman daw yung cold. Pabago bago daw kasi ang weather dito. :)


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