12 January 2013

Happy 16th Anniversary Honey!

Photo credit: thespecialday.net

I got caught up with the household chores yesterday (11 Jan.) that I missed to post this earlier than intended. Sorry honey!

I just want to tell you how much I appreciate your loving, generous, kind-hearted ways. You don't say "it" much but I know and I feel it.

And of lately, I may have been insufficient at expressing myself with words so I make up for it by making sure you have your toothpaste on your toothbrush every morning, your undergarments ready for the day, your socks all paired up, and your office wear are well pressed and the other little things which help you get by. I know I don't prepare your meals when I should. I just don't cook the way other wives do. I don't have that talent and I'm really humbled by the fact that even when I try my best to cook for you, you try your level best to accommodate my bland dishes. And with all my short-comings and imperfections, I want to thank you for loving me anyway.

Happy 16th Anniversary Honey. I pray that we may have more blessed and blissful years of togetherness.

Thank you for the wonderful surprise!

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