13 January 2013

Starting 2013 Right

I left my excess baggage in 2012. I told myself on 31 December that whatever heartaches, pains and problems I faced that year would all be a thing of the past. I am keeping my 2013 clean and fresh with new hopes, new relationships built on trust, a stronger family to keep and hold in my heart, a career that will take me and my husband to greater heights, dreams to fulfill, friends to make and keep, blogs to maintain, a dwelling place to build, more places to visit, wealth to prosper and health to improve. All these are promises of hope for a better 2013 for us.

I didn't make any resolutions. What I have set for my positive 2013 are all in my head. I'll check them one by one as I achieve them. I am looking forward to this year. I know it will be better than the last one. I just know it. And if some things don't happen as I planned them, then I won't feel bad because it only means, God has better plans.

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