17 February 2013

Coffee Fix

I haven't drunk any coffee for the last 3 days. I normally get my caffeine fix every morning but I'm trying to cut back on my caffeine in-take because it's making me palpitate.

Yesterday was a test for me as I passed Starbucks. The aroma of coffee, the ambiance, their high-tech commercial coffee grinders and friendly staff was not helping in my goal. I stood there for a minute, wondering and really deliberating to myself whether I should get my fix or not. Alas, the better of me said no and the battle was over. I walked away empty handed.

I think I am starting to get very good with this mind-over-matter thing. It is definitely hard to resist the temptations around me in that place but I managed to talk myself out of it. It's for my good so my coffee fix will have to be fixed soon.

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