19 February 2013

Get Fit With These Smart Phone Apps

There is no excuse now from getting fit and fabulous. Modern technology has paved way for information to be accessible at the tip of our fingertips by the creation of apps or what we commonly know as applications in smart phones.  Having said that, we practically have no reason not to get fit and healthy!

Here are some fantastic apps you can download in your smart phones. Most of these are iPhone apps which you can get from iTunes.


This is a great app where you get paid for your efforts as an incentive each time you check in a gym or fitness club via your phone. The money comes from you when you fail to commit to a goal you have set in the program. It goes into a pool where others pitch in when they are derailed by other excuses not to exercise.

This is available free for iPhone and iPad.


Eatery is like the Instagram of munchies! You get to snap pictures of what you have been eating. It is your virtual food journal which can help you track your food intake and give you insight on how bad you have been with binges or how good you have been by eating the right morsels. Tracking what you eat in a daily basis can help you lose weight and this app may just help you get near to that goal.

This is free for iPhone and iPad.


The initial app is free but if you want to get more personalized workouts from their wide selections of videos, you will have to pay monthly dues. You will be feeding detailed information about your exercise preferences and Daily Burn will offer a new tailored workout each day to keep you motivated, energized. This app will also inform you if you are making progress. The app also provides customized nutrition plan for members.

Free to Download for iPhone and iPad, on iTunes, and Android, on Google Play; $9.99 per month subscription afterwards.


Walking is the cheapest way to get fit because it is free! This app will help your power walking more enjoyable and effective as it records your walking workout on a map and give you records of your stats afterwards. MapMyWalk is a GPS-type of app that will let you know where your walking workout will take you and even shows you your pace. This is effective as long as you don't walk straight to the nearest McDonald's or Starbucks!

Available for iPhone, on iTunes for free, and Android, on Google Play.


And you think, only those Hollywood celebrities can get their own personal trainers. Well, this app can help you with that! The Nike Training Club app will let you work out like a celebrity. The app has 85 custom-built workouts, including workouts used by the Glee-fully fit Lea Michele and Dancing with the Stars champ Shawn Johnson. The Nike Training app also offers detailed instructions and audio support to guide you through your choice of 15, 30 or 45-minute sessions.

You can get this free for iPhone and iPad, on iTunes.


Pocket Yoga is a great app for those who are followers of this ancient practice. Have mat, will travel. Take your practice with you anywhere thanks to this Gaia Flow Yoga app. You can select from 3 different levels of difficulty such as Beginner, Intermediate and Expert. It also has 3 different durations (30, 45 or 60 minutes) and 3 different classes for a total of 27 different yoga experiences that you can do at home, on the go or anywhere you can set up your smart phone.

Download it now for a fee: $2.99 for iPhone, on iTunes; $3.99 for iPad, on iTunes; $2.99 for Android, Google Play

(Photo credit: iVillage.com)


  1. These are some cool apps! I might try them.. At the moment, I am currently using RunKeeper in my smartphone! ♥

  2. OMG! I really like the pocket yoga. The only problem is that I don't have a smartphone. Lol! I've been training yoga before and I stopped. Hmmm, this just reminds me that I need to get back on track in getting fit.

  3. I might try the yoga sis, I have a smart phone although not iPhone.

  4. Weeeee! Amazing apps! I would like to try all of these. I am kind of a little desperate to loss weight right now but I don't know where to start.

    It is good that you have shared about this apps sis. Thanks!

  5. wow, these are cool apps, I might try that eatery since that is where i am really bad at, somehow, my mouth is always full and my stomach complains but mouth can't stop, haaaay. thanks for these Rhia, would love to try some. the pocket yoga is good too, though i kind of do that already.

  6. Wow! An addition to my list. I have a few in my phones but I found that there's nothing like a scheduled workout like insanity workout or hiphop abs. I find my phone too small to look into while working out.

  7. cool sites for health and fitness buffs. Share ko ito sa misis ko.

  8. sounds cool! wow, seriously thinking of going to the gym! I have started my weekly walks and already cutting on my carbohydrate intake, this will definitely help me keep up with my getting fit regimen...thanks for sharing!

  9. I would definitely try the pocket yoga..looks good and relaxing to me

  10. Awww! These are cool apps that will help everybody especially me to lose some pounds :-) Thank you for sharing...will check it out Sis :-)

  11. wow, that's cool. i need to learn more about apps...and these are really helpful. i like to try that nike training and yoga apps...:) thanks for sharing. :)

  12. Amazing how technology work nowadays. Hmm. Thinking about downloading the app and try these myself! Thanks for sharing po! :)


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