08 February 2013

Give the Gift of Experience Next Holiday Season

The Christmas season is now well behind us, and we still have another 10 months before we start to frantically shop for gifts.  Admit it, often when you buy a gift, aren't you just buying it because you feel obligated to?  You may not know what to get some people on your list such as your parents who have everything they need or your best friend who can buy anything she needs.

If you routinely struggle with buying the perfect gift (and who doesn't?), why not vow to do something different next holiday season.

Instead of buying "stuff" that your friends and family may or may not appreciate, why not give experience gifts?

What Are Experience Gifts?
Experience gifts are when you pay for your gift recipient to have a fun adventure on your dime.  There are all sorts of experience gifts from the safest (such as taking a cooking class) to the exhilarating (such as riding with a race car driver on a race track) to the awe inspiring (such as visiting the Grand Canyon skywalk).

Experience gifts are likely to touch people emotionally more than other gifts because you must listen to people and know their interests, hobbies, wishes and dreams to pick the perfect experience gift.

A Gift That Won't Soon Be Forgotten
Think.  What gifts did you receive for Christmas 2011?  My guess is that you can't remember.  What about Christmas 2012?  That holiday is only a few weeks removed, but you may still have trouble remembering what gift you received.

The gift of experience is different.  Give someone a gift of experience, and they won't soon forget it.  In fact, they may remember it for the rest of their lives.

Perfect for Any Event
While you may just think of giving a gift of experience for Christmas, they are also well-suited for Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthdays and anniversaries. 

If you can afford it, you may challenge yourself to give a gift of experience each year or for each major present giving occasion in a calendar year.  Your friend or family member will look forward to your gift more than any other.

While friends and family may seem to love the traditional gifts you give, chances are, they are probably indifferent or dissatisfied with your gift.  Next year, give the gift of something they have always wanted to do, and they won't be able to stop telling you how much they loved their gift.


  1. I agree with you, a gift of experience is a must than a material things. For me that is one of the best gift I would give if i have extra money in my pocket.

  2. "gift of experience"- I love the sound of that :) you are the expert on unforgettable and most heart-warming gifts :) thinking here what I'll give the hubby on Heart's day....hmmmm quite a challenge though I know perfectly what he wants...happy day on your side of the world, thanks again for the great idea! Loving all the pink and cool stuff here in your page :D

  3. The gift of experience is such a good idea sis. I even want to give to myself and if I can afford to all the people that I love the most.

    I am sure one day I would be able to give to people that matters to me.

  4. I always appreciates that kind of stuff rather than material things. I'd rather do things together with my family than receiving things that I don't really need.

  5. Ah, so this what my daughter is talking about, a memorable experience gift. I'm gonna tell her to push through with her plan.

  6. the gift of experience is particularly perfect for little children. last christmas, i brought my little man to watch disney on ice at the big dome. it was his first time there + i enjoyed it! ^_^

    these type of gifts very precious. am now thinking of what to give my son for his next birthday! :)

  7. oh, this is the kind of gift i so love :) these are priceless

  8. Yay! It'll take years for me to give a gift of experience to my family! :) ♥

  9. i will be extremely happy to get gift of experience...it will be awesome and priceless. and i also wish i could give that kind of give to my loved ones. :) thanks for sharing sis. xx

  10. An experience gift sounds way better than the normal stuff we usually end up receiving every Christmas season.. =) Some of those stuff actually just sit in one corner for the rest of the time, till you remember you actually HAVE them..Hehehe.. But if it were an experience gift, chances are, nobody will ever forget the entire experiencea, and they may even keep talking about it till the next holiday season.. Pictures captured during the trip will always remind them of that (probably) once-in-a-lifetime trip you just gave them to enjoy and cherish for the rest of their lives.. =)

    (maregaluhan nga sarili ko nito.. Hehehe)

  11. I really love this gift of experience and hope to get one...would be helpful like learning how to cook or apply a cosmetics lol

  12. Oh yeah, I would to have a gift of this kind to knock out some things in my bucket list. :-)


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