15 February 2013

Happy 15th Birthday Our Sweet Princess

Our princess,

Time flies so fast! It seems like yesterday when we were cuddling you in our arms and prayed that you would always be safe, that you would be blessed as you grow and be loved by all. And now, you're fifteen.

We  have seen you slowly spreading your wings. At first your Papa and I were scared. We didn't know how to react with your newly found freedom. Before, you would always run to us because then, we were your number one. Now that you have found a world outside our own world, I guess there is no reason for us to stop you from exploring your new environment as a growing teenager.

Bear in mind that as parents, we only want the safest and best for you. We know we can be overbearing most of the times but that's not because we don't trust you. We're just afraid that you'll grow up too fast, too soon.

So, we pray each night that God will always protect you and give you guidance and wisdom to live your life the best way you can. We will always support you along the way.

Now that you're 15, it won't be long for you to start to go out on your own and become fully independent. But remember us, our precious child. Remember the values we have taught you. Take them with you where ever you may go and know that you are and will always be loved by us.

Happy birthday princess. Always keep this in your heart - we love you and you'll always be our little girl. Always.

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