28 February 2013

How To Get Back When You Are Bypassed In Promotion

Aiming for a promotion you know you truly deserve is the best reward in your career. I have had my fair share in pains and victories in promotion. I have also been bypassed a couple of times but those painful defeats only taught me two things: develop yourself and get even!

Yes, I said it. Get E-V-E-N! I am not talking about the kind of vendetta where you strike back menacingly. You can get back without having to resort to malicious acts of revenge. This is where developing yourself will come into picture.

I remember getting bypassed on a promotion few years ago to someone who did not meet the competency qualifications nor have the decision making skills of a supervisor nor even have the ability to express himself/herself properly. The person even told me that he/she stuttered the whole duration of the interview and did not even answer some of the questions. I was told that I did well in the whole process but during the interview, I didn't highlight much on my examples. So, the competencies were definitely scratched out in favor of the other candidate who fumbled her/his way throughout the selection process. I was confident that somehow, I had the chance. Well, the person they selected was the one who fumbled. Then it hit me. It was actually in the bag even from the get-go. The one who got ahead of me was the "boss' friend." It was public knowledge that the boss and the selected candidate were buddies; as in they share lunch food and go out together in social events. However, I didn't want to harp on those info even if they were true. I didn't want to be the bitter one. So what I did was to get even positively.

I drew my plans and started on myself. I had to reflect on myself and what I am capable of. I asked myself, "What is it in me that I have to improve to be worthy of a boss' nod? " And I was surprised to know that the answer was very simple - improve. And I did that by doing the following:

  • enroll in online courses
  • took short couses via distance learning in universities
  • take on more responsibilities above my grade level
  • made myself more visible by not avoiding the bosses in the lift or in the pantry
  • offered to help in projects and report generations
  • volunteered to coach the new temporary staff and OJTs
  • honed my communication skills and confidence by facilitating meetings with the top honchos and pitching my suggestions and proposals to them

However, before you cast your judgment, I didn't turn myself into a leach. If that is what you're thinking. That will remain to be a taboo in my way to success. I did all those things sincerely because I wanted to improve myself more than anything else. So that when the next promotion comes along, I am ready. I did it for myself personally and professionally.

I didn't bother to ask how the other candidate has been. I moved on. Besides, my revenge was sweet and victorious. I got the nod eventually.

I always remind myself that the sweetest victory is when you become successful and watch those who served injustice to your career make a mess out of theirs. I wouldn't want to see them go down the drain but if karma finds its way, it does bite real hard in the bum and that hurts!

So, if you get bypassed, just get even positively.


  1. Such a wise advise and I admired your positive attitude and optimistic point of view sis. I have experienced that as well when I was still working in school.

  2. I was having a really great time reading your post sis Ria and all the points are highly noted.I can say I can relate how you feel and have experienced it one way or another. But when you know yourself, what you can do, and knowing what needs to be improved is success by itself. I would keep in mind those tips you have mentioned coz they can come handy once I am into corporate world again.

  3. congratulations, Ria, so happy for you, that is a very pro-active response, very positive, and a win-win for you. I am glad you got the nod eventually, and all those that you did, were all for your benefit to grow. kudos to such a very good example you have shared. cheering you here and clapping my hands for your positive way of getting even and MORE!

  4. Setbacks if look into as motivating factor will definitely yield positive results. Bilib ako sa determination mo Sis.

  5. don't worry sis, am sure there's a better promotion for you in the future...hirap kasi sa pinas when it comes to promotion...pag maykapit, madali lang....:)

  6. We can achieve anything we wanted Sis as long as we have the determination and have all the tools we have to get were we want to be :-)

  7. And that's the way to do it! Rather than focus on the shortcoming of others, let us focus on our strengths which will be recognized in time. Revenge is sweeter when they realize they made a mistake and turn to you for solutions.

  8. This post is very encouraging and motivating. Thank you for sharing your bittersweet experiences, Sis. I am hats off on how you faced all the challenges with your head held up high.

    I believe each one of us have experienced the same thing, it might be in different settings but I always see getting bypassed as a true test of character. Most organization adopt the culture of "Whom-you-know" and not "what-you-know" attitude. It's disgusting when you yourself and the people around you believes that you're more than qualified for the position, yet the big boss' thinks otherwise, not because you're less capable but because he knows someone whom he can just twist around his finger and kiss his ass. That is such a bummer!

    Oh well! What comes around goes around. The bosses will have to suffer for their lapses and it feels sweeter when they recognize your ability and tap you to help them out in decision makings.

    You have my admiration for keeping your determination and values intact. Thanks for motivating us to be better persons than we are now :-)

  9. My! This is such an encouraging and inspiring post, Te Ria!
    I've had my fair share of being bypassed for a promotion as well.. But like you, I did everything to improve myself. I didn't go to the university like most of my co-competitors. I just self-study online and offline! :)


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