01 February 2013

MyMemories Suite Project - Fairy Dress Boxes

Here's another super fantastic paper project brought to you by MyMemories Suite! I like this project a lot because it it cute and great to use as giveaway boxes on little girls' celebrations or themed parties for princess or fairies or even teenagers with a fashion fix. You can download the free template from this blog, just proceed at the right side of the bar with Freebies. Please do not re-sell the templates and save them for your personal use only. The templates will be available until Feb. 11, 2013 only. So grab them now.

This project can be done using MyMemories Suite Digital Software. If you don't have the software yet, you can get the it from http://www.mymemories.com/digital_scrapbooking_software and use my 10% discount code for your purchase: STMMMS30652

All photos are courtesy of MyMemories.com.

Have fun everyone!


  1. this is super cute, it's also environmentally friendly, very creative and really fun.

  2. Creative and cute!

  3. these are so darn cute !!! thanks for sharing

  4. Very cute! Great for party favors.

  5. This was a great idea. The children must have a lot of fun with the fairy dress boxes.

  6. Thanks for the comments everyone! MyMemories.com certainly has nice and very fabulous free templates. You can check out my other paper craft posts in this blog and watch out for the other paper crafts courtesy of MyMemories.com every 2 weeks. :)


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