15 February 2013

TV Mount and Holes

I am very finicky when it comes to drilling holes in the wall. I don't like ruining a good painted wall and if there's a mistake somewhere, those putty pudding only highlights the plastered hole.

My hubby is the opposite. He would hammer a nail right through a wall or even drill without using a level.  Oftentimes, the object being put on the wall is lopsided, too low or too high or not centered. And because of that, we had to repaint the living room area.

Not all of that is his doing. Some are contributed by our relatives who live with us too. I just had enough of the drilling of holes without properly measuring and assessing the area. So, when we bought a flat screen TV recently, I urged my husband to consider purchasing a tv stand with mount so we didn't have to drill holes again. Unfortunately, my plead was not taken into consideration because my hubby is a practical man. "Why buy?" he would say "when we can use the existing one at home." He is right. I cannot argue with the man. Therefore, if that is the case, I suggested we should ask the delivery man to do the installation as well as the TV came with a free wall mount. I asked if they also do installation and drilling. Your guess is good as mine. They did the whole work and I am happy to say that our wall was spared from unnecessary hole drilling. The TV is placed perfectly where we wanted it to be, right on the center.

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