23 March 2013

Blog Leave and Other Activities

My activities are starting to stabilize due to the fact that I tried to finish the manual project last week, just in time for my vacation leave this coming 27 March. I am not comfortable cramming but when circumstance calls for it; I am left with no choice but to cram everything up and pray I didn't goof somewhere.

Thankfully, the manual has been published and there's nothing much to do but to print it. Aside from the office work, my daughter's assessment in her new school this coming Grade 10 has wrapped up few minutes ago. I think I can start easing up a bit with the work load and personal activities. I need my me time very badly!

My health is getting better. I am taking it easy with stress and other strenuous activities so I don't go on relapse. The weather is still not very accommodating in New York so I have to really up the ante on my immune system before we fly to the US.

So, I am taking this much deserved and needed rest. It is only the first quarter of the year and my energy reserve is already kaput. I will be away for 3 weeks and will only get back to blogging maybe around the 20th of April. I may miss some opportunities but I don't mind. I think my health, well-being and my family's company is more important that other stuff that can wait.

Until next time. I'll be active again later in April 2013!

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