26 March 2013

All Set And Ready To Go

Everything is set. The hotels have been booked. The car rental is confirmed including our special request for bike rack for suvs. We are just waiting to get in the flight. My daughter and I are here in Dubai and my husband and mom-in-law are still in Manila, waiting for a chance to get seats so they can connect to the New York flight here.

Our logistics and coordination in this trip was almost perfect if it wasn't for travelers chancing their minds and traveling on the dates we have already planned few months ago. The seat availability looked very promising few days ago but now it is crazy!

I am thinking positive and praying for miracles that my husband and mom-in-law will be able to get in the next flight to Dubai so they can follow right away. My daughter and I will take our chance in the Dubai-New York flight tomorrow at 02:55 a.m.  I just hope we get in so at least my husband and mom-in-law will have greater chances of getting in the succeeding flights due to lesser competition.

I am really thinking positive and praying that all goes well.

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