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26 March 2013

Disadvantages Of Holding A Staff Airline Ticket

No matter how glitzy the appeal of working in a prestigious airline company, the perks is not always that rosy. I am very thankful for the many travel benefits my husband and I enjoy. However, on the negative side, traveling with rebated or staff discounted tickets are always a hassle.

When you are holding a staff ticket on a sub-load or standby status, you are the least priority unless there is an emergency or compassionate reasons for traveling. Do not expect to get in the flight even if it is full because the airline can impose payload when it wants to. Your standby ticket is only good for travel on non-high season and on non-famous destinations. You cannot also expect an upgrade with that kind of ticket. Although it is not impossible, it is just that chances are very slim.

So, holding a staff ticket is not that glorious like what other people think. Oh yes, we do enjoy the fun side of traveling but if you only know what we all go through to get in the flight. It is such a hassle, heart-pounding moment to wait near the counter for your staff number or family name to be called if you will get in the flight. That moment between showing your staff ticket to the counter agent, having your bags checked and weighed to standing or sitting in a corner for few hours in anticipation of some good news.

I have had my fair share on being bumped off 5 times. I even had the opportunity to sleep overnight in an international airport somewhere in Asia with my then 6 years old kid. I had experienced what it felt like to be given a go signal only to be told that there were incoming commercial passengers that they had to revoke my boarding pass.  I felt like a kid being swiped off my favorite candy.

Don't think that just because we are airline staff, we have it all coming easy. On the contrary, it's like passing through an eye of a needle just to get a seat in a flight.


  1. Hi Sis...

    Thanks for sharing this sentiment. Indeed this benefit is always a source of envy (well, for me) though I heard similar stories already.

    I just didn't realize that it is that tough until I read your post..


  2. I was thinking just that sis, I thought that it is easier for you to blook flights since you have been doing it professionally for a long time.

  3. I do not, will not and am just too chicken to fly again! I did twice in my life it was from michigan to florida and then back to michigan a month later. It was a nightmare, bouncy on the small plane the elderly lady next to me said I looked really bad lol and asked if I was okay. Umm no lol I got off plane wrapped my arms around my mothers neck and cried my eyes out cause I knew I had to go home on the plane.....

  4. I didn't know that staff are least priority, I thought it's the other way around.


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