09 March 2013

Fat Belly and Me

Love handles. Muffin top. Jelly belly. Fat tummy. Those are just few terms we call our ever expanding mid-section. Most women pushing their mid-30s to 40s are prone to developing fats around their belly area due to hormonal changes, metabolism issues, sedentary lifestyle and bad eating habits.  Men are not immune from this but they can burn more fats than most women do.

I have been desperately trying to lose weight especially in my mid-section. I look like I am pregnant who is about to deliver any time soon. I have been asked several times about my "due" date. Initially, I was confused and not sure on how to respond but later on, I just went with the flow. Deep inside, I am hurt and really offended. So, the reality is, I am fat and I just can't lose weight the way I used to before.

I tried most diet pills, diet fads and exercise regime known to men and I would always fail. My friends who are bigger than me are now smaller. I used to be the petite one and now it is the opposite of that. I hate having my picture taken nor being in parties because my friends whom I have not seen for long are surprised to see a rounder version of me. Each time I have to explain why I can't lose weight, why I am this and that, etc. I am just tired of the cycle. Until one fine day, I just don't feel like going out, meeting people nor seeing myself in the mirror.

I used to "not" bother about my appearance because back then, I was the envy of my colleagues. I had a flat abdomen, toned arms and a proportionate body for my height. I noticed that as soon as I turned 35, my body seem to caught up with my age and so did my girth! Now that I am turning 41 in a couple of days, I can't even bear myself to measure my waistline. I shudder at the thought of seeing 41 inches on the measuring tape.

This getting fat thing has to stop soon or I will keep expanding until I float in the air like a big, hot air balloon! I'm just tired of getting teased, asked why I am fat, cornered by my family to lose weight, etc., etc. Of course I am trying my best to lose weight. The weight just won't come off. I'm not sure why. I already saw several doctors and each time, they would say the same thing - exercise and portion control. My thyroid is normal too. My blood sugar level, aside from the hypertension and bad cholesterol, is also normal.

I did all that. I cut back on so many things. I am regularly exercising now for an hour but I am still not seeing the numbers go down. My clothes are still tight but I don't feel tired easily these days. Could it be that my stamina is building up? Am I building muscles? I hope so.

I want to give myself that gift, that slim and healthy body that I used to have. I am conditioning myself to do that because it will be the greatest gift I can possibly give myself - a healthy me. Wish me luck as I venture to the "no pain, no gain" zone. There's no easy way to lose weight and get rid of that belly fat for good but to eat healthy and exercise regularly. I know it's not easy but I'm doing it anyway. It's now or never.


  1. Ria, we have the same dilemma. But I think discipline lang ang kulang sa akin. I believe kaya ko e pero pag andiyan na un food, naku e nagugutom na ako.

    Maybe you are under stress? Nabasa ko kasi yun sa mga health magazines e. Ska yun kulang sa tulog. Me hormones (yata I forgot kung anong tawag) that are triggered or naactivate pag puyat tayo that leads us gain weight. Feeling ko, that's my case.

    I'm inspired by your post to get in shape again. Keep us updated! :)

  2. Ay sis Beth, bakit nga ganun? I know I'm not dreaming of the impossible because I have seen close friends who really lost weight the hard and painful way through exercise and portion controlled eating. I think my mind is still a long way to go to reaching that "determination" mode.

    One thing I lack these days is the "will power." I know what to do but pushing harder seems to be so difficult. Kaso, I think we owe it to ourselves to protect and take care of this temple that God gave us by being healthy.

  3. I agree with you,and I heard from my friend when we reach 40's our health is going down so we need to start as early as we can.

  4. Oh! I envy your determination. I am feeling the same way, too. at 43, my waistline gets stuck at 30! I constantly dream of getting back to 23" ^_^ -bad eating habits, staying more on the computer rather than do crunches - Yay!

    Reading this post...I am inspired. Really.

  5. same here sis, been trying to lose my "love handles" through exercise and diet but I really lack discipline but tiny baby steps are better than doing nothing. Good luck with your fitness program ...i like how you said it "the greatest gift you can give yourself is a fit body "

  6. I have a lot of those sis hahaha. I am turning the big number this year and getting rid of those annoying and stubborn fats is very difficult.

  7. oh Ria, so sorry to hear about that, like you, when I reached the dreaded 35, my metabolism failed me, and slowly I was gaining weight that my family got so worried about me. Like you, I hated to share pictures because I got questions like, "why are you that big now?" or " can you please lose weight before going on heavy hikes, sooner or later, you will realize your knees gave up on you from the weight you gave your legs to carry". They may be concerned, but truth was, I too was hurting inside. I wish to go back to my old weight too, but like you, I find it very hard. You are very right though, we owe it to ourselves to take care of this temple that God gave us by staying healthy. Let us work for it, I know, if we keep on, we can make it. Let us be cheerer of each other.

  8. Sis, been there, done that. I hear you on this. I have yet to be a mother but I went through a stage last year when I gained almost 6 kilos making me look like a pregnant woman. I cut back on everything you can ever imagine, regularly "punished" myself at the gym (haha) but after 3 months, no visible changes took place. It was frustrating.

    But I was motivated by my friend to keep doing what I have been told to do. When you start to build up muscles, it still adds up to your weight until you see yourself being toned. You'd get more motivated once you see better results but not after 3 to 4 months. It has been my personal experience. But as they say, it's all about 70% diet and 30% exercise which proves right. Everything we do in the gym will all be for naught if we won't keep watch of our diet. It takes indeed a lot of determination and discipline.

    Please let us know of your progress.

  9. Losing weight is really a dilemma for many women. The unwanted pounds can be quite stubborn to shed. Wishing you the best in your latest efforts. I too should be looking into losing weight.

  10. I hear you sis for I am actually in the same situation. I really want to get fit not just to look good but for health reasons also.

    Let's do it Sis! Good luck sa atin. LOL

  11. don't worry ate ria. it just shows you're doing your best and it really is a challenge. and i'm sure you'll succeed with it in the future., staying fit and slim is hard and it's not easy like some oil taken out of the pan.

    so just keep at it and you'll sure succeed. :D

  12. I can feel you, Ate. I'm not even in my 20's or 30's yet but my fat belly started to show up due to bad eating habits.

    But, with Master Cleanse diet, I'm starting to lose them. But, it took me a lot of courage to hold back myself from eating too much.

    Master Cleanse plus exercise = bye bye fat belly!

  13. I'm also thinking of the same thing! Having a great and healthy body is the best gift that we can ever give to ourselves. Let's do this, sis~!

  14. Sad naman to hear na your not that conscious na about your figure. You're still young pa naman. May wife is 53 and yet, she is conscious about how she looks.


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