04 March 2013

Flatten Your Belly With These Moves

How many do you know who does not complain about their mid-section? I know a lot and that includes me! I have been trying so hard to lose the bulge but ever since I reached the big 4-0, losing weight has become a nightmare. The girth is following my age! And I am not losing weight as much as I exercise. It could be due to metabolic issues but I am sure there are natural ways to achieve weight loss and a flatter belly by moving around - a lot.

Here are some moves I have read from RealAge.com on how to flatten your belly. It does not require gym equipment nor membership. It won't certainly take so much of your time but just spare few minutes a day to do these moves and you may see an improvement.

I have to see it for myself but no harm in trying. Now, try these steady plank moves for a great core workout.

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Lie face down on a carpet or yoga mat with your arms folded close to your body and hands by your ears.
Push up your body about 6 inches so only your toes and forearms touch the ground; your body rests like a plank between them.
Keep your stomach pulled in by contracting and keep your buttocks tight. Your body must be kept straight and eyes on the floor.
Hold as long as you can. If you can hold the position for more than a minute then you're a superman/superwoman! There's no need to hold it as long as 1 minute but you're encouraged if you can.

These movement will tighten your core, the very foundation of your body which are the torso muscles, abdomen and hips. Sneak in few minutes of these movements during your break time or while watching TV and you'll see results. A strong core will prevent back pains and will burn fats. When you have no belly fats then you'll have a flat stomach.

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  1. I do planks every once in a while, 1 minute lang kaya ko wahhh


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